Friday, March 19, 2010

Accident Involving Mobile Crane

On 17/01/2008 at about 3.00pm, a verbal report was received on a fatal accident case involving a 45 tonnes truck mounted crane (Model:Tadano; PMA 9284). The location was at the proposed Putra Square project, Kuantan, Pahang. On the day of the accident, several workers were undertaking relocation work involving two units of transformers within the building.
The crane had been positioned outside of the building for hoisting work, with all its legs extended and rested on wooden footings which were placed on the ground. But one of the four legs that was supported on the wooden footing was found to be placed on top of a drainage culvert.During the preparatory process for the lifting of a 4,150 kgs transformer, the ground on top of the culvert suddenly gave way causing the leg and wooden footing to
puncture through the culvert.

The forensic engineering investigation that was conducted, revealed that the culvert failed because it could not withstand the loading from the crane. Consequently,the sudden inclination of the crane body from the failure of the culvert caused the hook block to swing and struck the deceased who happened to be nearby.The deceased was caught in between the swinging hook block and the transformer to be hoisted and sustained serious injury.
It is advised that the following safety measures be upheld during any lifting operation involving the use of truck mounted crane:

1. As a safety precautionary measure, risk assessment shall be carried out on the surrounding area prior to any work activity involving hoisting of material.

2. The view of the driver must not be obstructed.He must be able to see clearly the position of the workers and the loads to be lifted.

3. The legs of the crane have to be supported on strong,secure and suitably sized footings.Any wooden footing used shall be free from any deterioration when exposed to damp environment.

4. The crane shall be supported on the solid ground which is level and properly compacted.

5. To appoint signalman who is competent and trained and able to communicate clearly with the driver in any emergency situation which arises during lifting operation.

6. The crane operator has to be registered with DOSH and in possession of a valid crane operator certificate.

7. The accident can be avoided if the employer undertakes and upholds safe system of work.

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